For the last decade, Sudanese engineers have struggled and made great efforts to open an IEEE section in Sudan; most of attempts didn’t find its way to success. In the last few months a remarkable work has been done to achieve the first success, by getting the approval to open the first IEEE subsection in Sudan, the IEEE Sudanese Initiative (ISI) made the dream come true.

By the end of June 2011 IEEE announced the approval of the first entity in Sudan, and the Sudanese initiator effort was awarded. Afterword, ISI started to move to the next step thinking of a sustainable future for the IEEE in Sudan. Several brain storming sessions were carried out, and the ISI team took a complete training in strategic planning to form the upcoming future.

IEEE Sudan Vision:::

To have an enriched Sudanese Community through technological Innovation, and building a globally recognized Sudanese Professional Network.

IEEE Sudan Mission:::

To contribute to the global and local community by:

  • Increasing awareness and sharing of knowledge
  • Providing recognition and fostering innovation
  • Promoting professionalism and quality in all technological fields through implementing standards
  • Encouraging research through providing tools, environment and channels to encourage research & Innovations.